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About our Glendale Family Dental Practice

At North Canyon Dentistry, getting to know our patients is important. The bonds we build with our patients don’t just become lasting relationships, but give us the edge on being able to treat you comfortably and efficiently. With over 75 years’ of collective dental experience, our Glendale dental team is dedicated to creating customized treatment plans that help you achieve peak dental health and perfect smile. 

A Patient-Oriented Experience

From your first visit, we endeavor to make your experience at our practice one of comfort, giving you a tour of the office and introducing our staff. By helping patients feel comfortable, North Canyon Dentistry prioritizes your contentment and satisfaction in our service first.

At North Canyon Dentistry, we strive to create an environment where all patients feel welcome. For kids, our state-of-the-art practice features a unique space themed kids’ room filled activities where our younger patients can play before their appointment. By making our Glendale practice friendly and welcoming, Dr. Mack and Dr. Souza are able to help adults and children alike feel comfortable visiting the dentist. 

Keeping You Educated

Maintaining your dental health and restoring your perfect smile isn’t our only job at North Canyon Dentistry. We believe that educating our patients on the best techniques for at home care is critical to keeping your smile healthy and beautiful.

Our Glendale dentists utilize their extensive experience to ensure that all of our patients understand the procedures we perform, keeping them educated and in the loop. This also allows us to demonstrate the best preventative and restorative practices for our patients, knowing how procedures they undergo will affect them and how to prevent possible further decay. 

An Office that Cares

The staff at North Canyon Dentistry doesn’t just say that we care about our patients and our community, we work to benefit them. Dr. Thomas Mack and Dr. Sergio Souza regularly works with local church outreach efforts, as well as regularly participating in Mission of Mercy medical outreach. From our community to those across the world, North Canyon Dentistry is dedicated to helping people. 

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North Canyon Dentistry welcomes residents throughout Glendale and Peoria to visit us for cosmetic dental practices that put the patient first. We’ll provide your family with comprehensive dental care in a modern, family facility that is comfortable and affordable! Schedule your next visit with our team today! 

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