How Can a Single Dental Implant Restore Your Health?

Patients that have lost a tooth either to injury or infection can feel and see the changes this seemingly small loss can create. While the damage to your aesthetics will be obvious, a single missing tooth can also negatively affect the stability of neighboring teeth and ultimately compromise your overall wellbeing. Choosing a dental implant will solve these issues while restoring the beauty of your smile.

A Healthy, Restored Bite

Dental arches are intended to support full sets of teeth. If one tooth is lost, the dental anatomy changes in an attempt to fill the empty space by shifting surrounding teeth. This can create an irregular bite and overall dental misalignment. An implant-supported restoration prevents the movement of neighboring teeth by replacing the original tooth in functionality and appearance.

Improving Bone Health

A dental implant replaces a lost or extracted tooth from root to crown. The post of your dental implant integrates with bone, providing much-needed support to oral structures. Without your natural tooth root, bone begins to recede, creating lack of stability for surrounding teeth and the appearance of premature aging. Dental implants effectively replace the tooth root, supporting healthy jaw bone and serving as an anchor for visible prosthetics.

Enhanced Function after Total Tooth Loss

If all of your natural teeth are missing, your well-being is affected by your inability to bite and chew nutritious foods. Struggling to eat can create poor digestion as well as hamper the process of nutrients. Dental implants can be placed to support a full arch of prosthetic, which allows you to properly bite and chew all of your favorite foods. Dental implants and their restorations are fabricated to appear like natural teeth and do not require any additional steps to your daily oral care routine.

Implants provide patients with complete smiles that are both healthy and beautiful.

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