Who is a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Compared to traditional restoration options, dental implants offer prospective patients the opportunity to enjoy a fully restored smile. Given the long-term benefits of this treatment, it is no small wonder that dental implants are among the most sought after tooth replacement options available.

At North Canyon Dentistry, our goal is to create personalized implant solutions customized to patient’s specific needs. In order to enjoy the full range of benefits offered by dental implants, candidates for dental implants have the following:

  • Sufficient Bone Tissue: Dental implant success is driven by the proper and successful placement of the dental implant post into underlying jaw bone tissue. This ensures that successful fusion of implants to the bone during the osseointegration process, ultimately creating a firm bond that’s needed to support a future dental restoration.
  • Healthy Gum Tissue: Like jaw bone tissue, the gums (gingiva) help support dental implant success, eventually growing around the replacement tooth. While poor gum health does not necessarily mean that patients cannot receive dental implants, any preexisting gum disease issues must be addressed prior to dental implant placement. Failing to properly treat gum disease or other gingival issues can increase a patient’s risk of dental implant failure.
  • Effective Hygiene Habits: While dental implants are easy to care for, patients must still be consistent in caring for their smile. In addition to regular cleaning appointments every 6 months, implant patients should be brushing and flossing their teeth daily, taking care to clean their new teeth thoroughly. Additionally, it is important that patients immediately visit our Glendale dentist if any issues arise with their dental implants.

While most patients missing teeth are ideal candidates, there are certain factors that may impact the success of implant treatment. Some of these factors include:

  • Incomplete Dental Development
  • Smoking or Substance Abuse
  • Ongoing Radiation Treatment for Head or Neck Cancers
  • Chronic Diseases, including diabetes and immune-deficiency problems

Whether you suffer from one of these conditions or not, Dr. Mack and Dr. Souza at North Canyon Dentistry can help you achieve a renewed smile through personalized dental implant treatments. For more information about your tooth replacement options, schedule your consultation today! We look forward to helping you regain a full and complete smile.



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