What is Professional Dental Cleaning? Why it is Important for Your Oral Health?

You not just get shinier teeth after teeth cleaning, but it also improves your overall oral health. Many people do overlook the importance of dental cleaning and considers visiting the dentist only when they are suffering from a dental issue. While, dental cleaning is supposedly one of the most needful procedures that you must adopt to keep your oral health in the best condition.

Some might wonder what happens in a professional dental cleaning and why it is so important that dentists advice it every six months. Here, we list down key procedures followed in a professional dental cleaning:

    • Physical Examination: The first and foremost procedure before starting the cleaning process is a complete evaluation of teeth and mouth by the dentist. This way they ascertain the current state of teeth health and if there is any issue like inflamed gums and so.
    • Removal of Tartar and Plaque: Using a scalar, the dentist starts the cleaning process, removing any tartar and plaque around the gum line and in between the teeth. The more accumulation of plaque and tartar means that you have not taken good care of your teeth with brushing and flossing, and so will take more time during the cleaning process.
    • Teeth Polishing: The tartar that is left behind after the scalar cleaning is removed using teeth polishing process or can also be termed as deep cleaning. This involves gentle scrubbing of teeth using specific methods by the dentist.
    • Floss: The floss done by the dentist is deeper in that it helps the removal of any leftover plaque from the earlier cleaning.
    • Rinse: Afterwards, the dentist will proceed with the rinsing process to remove any debris from teeth and mouth.
    • Fluoride Treatment: This is a necessary step as the fluoride treatment helps to give your teeth protection against cavities and bacteria for the coming several months.Professional teeth cleaning twice a year is extremely important for your oral health, as it helps to prevent cavities, prevent tooth loss, freshen your breath and improves your smile and overall oral hygiene.



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